Monday, July 26, 2010

I Couldn't Resist

I mean, really, Red Velvet Cake yogurt, come on, I had to try it. Oh, how I wished I hadn't now. It is awful, just awful. I ate one spoonful and chucked the container in the trash. Don't waste your money or your points(2). What are the Yoplait folks thinking, EEK, run away, run far, far away........



  1. This is good to know! I have been tempted to try it!

  2. I wonder every time I see it in the store - now I know! But we still have the Zinger cake (which I made over the weekend!). I didn't tell the kids it was "diet" food and they gobbled it up like nobody's business!

  3. Yes, It is awful. Tried one - yuck!! And the boston cream pie ain't so great either.

  4. Oh see I like But then I do eat a lot of things with artificial sweeteners so it might be that taste that people don't like?



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