Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yummy Three Point Meal Idea

Sorry, I don't have a picture to share with you, but I still wanted to tell you about a delicious and filling sandwich that I had for dinner last night. I bought a package of sandwich thins which are one Weight Watcher's point each. From there I smeared a tablespoon of homemade veggie cream cheese, divided, on each side for another point. Then I layered two ounces of good deli turkey, one point as well. The turkey I used came from Sam's club under the name CastleWood. It is very tasty and they have a large variety of lunch meats and flavors. I saw a chipotle turkey that is calling my name. I am coming, wait for me. Anyway, finally, I packed the sandwich full with baby spinach leaves then devoured the whole, large thing. YUM! 

Here is how you make the cream cheese, too easy. Bring one brick of low fat cream cheese to room temp and whip with your mixer. Add finely diced veggies of your choice. I used minced spring onion, carrot, celery and cucumber. Pinch of salt and pepper, whip briefly, again. I let it set for several hours or overnight, so the flavors really meld with the cream cheese. It is sooooo much better than anything you can buy in a tub and healthier.

Stay full my friends.


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