Monday, August 30, 2010

April's Monday Weigh-In

Ok, so I'll make this short and sweet. I stayed the same this week! At least I didn't gain. :)


The Winners of the Ideal Coupons!

as selected by the Random Generator, comment #2 and #5!! Whoohoo!

I will get your addresses and pop your coupon in the mail! Thanks for playing.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Julie's Weigh-In Friday

Happy Friday!!!!! I am down 0.8 lb today! Woohoo! Despite the tag that we're three girls counting points, I'd like to take this opportunity to come clean. I have not been counting points but calories. When Beth approached me about doing Weight Watchers, I could not afford it (money or time-wise), so I decided to download an app to my phone to track calories, log food and weight. At the start, I was shooting for 1,200 calories a day (with wiggle room on those days I went over) and the scale seemed to hold steady. I was curious if it could be true (or was it just urban myth) that one could eat too few calories and not lose. I have been increasing my calorie intake and have noticed that the numbers are going down a little more quickly. At this point, I plan on adjusting my daily calorie intake downward as the numbers on the scale start to drop. Essentially, just the way they do with decreasing your allowed points in WW. It's fascinating to me how messed up my thinking has been about food. I still wrestle with the idea that if I'm going to lose the weight, I need to deprive myself (feel the burn, as it were). I'm enjoying the process and learning all these new things about how my body works - strange that I've fought with it for so long and know so little about it!! Have a wonderful weekend y'all! And a special "good luck" to Camper Van Bethie!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thick or Thin Thursday

It is THIN today! I am now keeping my money and weighing at home. I jumped on the scales, did the math and I am down 2.6 lbs! I'll take that, thank you. The family and I are off on our BIG camping trip this weekend, so I hope to be getting copious amounts of physical exercise. I will need it in order to burn off those s'mores calories, naw, just kidding. I hate those things, well sorta.

Wish me luck, both in the diet and the "sleeping on the ground" bit.


Monday, August 23, 2010

A Sweet Giveaway!

I have become a huge fan of ideal brand sweetener and have mentioned its use many times here on WTP?, so I couldn't hold back my enthusiasm any longer and wrote the ideal folks singing the praise of their natural sugar substitute. Those kind people sent me two coupons for FREE ideal, either bag or packets, to share with you in return! All you gotta do is leave a comment and let me know you would like to give it a try. I will randomly select two winners! This little giveaway will run through Sunday, August 29th midnight and for US readers only! Spread the word!

You can read all about ideal brand sweetener here.


April's Monday Weigh In..

So for my 2 week weigh in, if you remember I skipped last week, I am down a total of 3.6 lbs! I have almost lost my 4 lb gain and I am happy with that. I have started walking 3 days a week and it feels great. I do have to admit that I have not been counting my points, though. I have just been making the healthier choice. I should probably get back to keeping my food journal and staying within my points, but for right now, this seems to be working.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Weight Watchers Diet Soda Cake

Well crap, this is good, real good and just so simple to make. The cake is a very popular among Weight Watcher'ers and there are many flavor combinations. I had some diet Mt. Dew leftover from my brother's visit(his personal favorite), so I figured it would pair nicely with an orange cake mix. Oh baby, it did, it paired too well in fact, dangerously well. This cake is surprisingly moist and delicious. The entire family is eating it! I did make a little glaze with some confectioners sugar, vanilla  and milk to pretty it up some.

The WW's recipe call for the cake to be baked in a 9x13 pan, cut into 12 pieces for 3.5 points each! I opted for a bundt for beauty. This combo would be killer as cupcakes and iced with some light Cool Whip. I see a kinda dreamsicle thing happening.

Diet Soda Cake

Your choice of cake mix
Your choice of diet soda, 10oz
Two egg whites

Mix by hand until thoroughly incorporated, maybe three minutes or so. Spray your pan with cooking spray. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes. Cool and enjoy.

Some other popular combinations:
- spice cake mix w/ diet orange
- banana cake mix w/ diet root beer
- lemon cake mix w/ diet 7-up
- chocolate cake w/ diet coke
- cherry chip cake w/ A& W diet Cream
- chocolate cake w/ diet cherry coke
- devils food w/ diet vanilla coke

to name a few...........


FAT Friday

I went to Weight Watchers, paid my twelve bucks and gained 1.4 pounds! Oh yay.

I am not going back. I am going to do it both Julie and April's way, on my own. I was hoping paying money and weighing in front of a stranger would motivate me, but I guess not. I just bought a new pair of walking shoes will I was out. I have got to get my butt up and moving, no excuses dang it. Wish me luck.

BTW, the Fiber One Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pop Tarts, not good. I am on the hunt for the fudge.


Julie's Weigh-In Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!! I'm down 1.2 lb for the week. It's nice to finally see a whole pound gone. Seems like things are going according to my plan of slow and steady as I'm down a total of 5.6 pounds since I started on the 23rd of July. I've been trying to think about what's different this time. I hate to admit that I'm finally paying attention to all those things I've read over and over: keeping a food journal, drinking water, incorporating exercise. I've been a 'black and white' sort of girl in the past - either I was on a diet or I ate a cookie and all hell broke loose. Why has it taken me 20 years to learn this?


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thick or Thin Thursday

will be pushed back a day to Fat Friday. I don't feel like going. I will tomorrow. The End.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fiber One PopTarts!

First I should update on my weigh in. It didn't happen yesterday. My oldest son, Shane, started high school today and yesterday was his orientation. I just completely forgot. So, I will not weigh in the rest of this week and weigh on Monday. I know that is probably cheating, but this week it makes me happy. :)

Now, on to these pop tarts! Have you tried them? You should! There are 5 grams of fiber in 1 pop tart, and they are 3 points a piece. Chocolate Fudge is my favorite pop tart flavor and these are good. They are a little different than a Kellogg's brand pop tart, but I can't really tell a huge difference. Go ahead try might like them! :)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Caroline's Birthday Party

She had these and I didn't even eat one.

I did smell them though. How many points for that?


Friday, August 13, 2010

Julie's Weigh-In Friday

Down 0.4 lbs today. Must be all that Friday the 13th bad luck - ha! I'm still surprised that I don't feel defeated. I probably haven't been drinking all of the water I should (that's for you, Auntpawlie!) but I don't feel I am eating for reasons other than hunger either. I need to kick up the exercise too. My clothes do feel more loose. It may take a long time to get the weight off but the slower it comes off, hopefully the more ingrained my new lifestyle will be. It's the first time in my life that I'm more focused on the process than the outcome.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thick or Thin Thursdays

I don't even know why I am even bothering posting this...get ready...stand back...I lost 0.8 pounds! Oh yay. Can't ya just feel the excitement and enthusiasm in the air? I have not even lost three pounds, yet. Oh well...I am determined to stick with it.

Now, to make some more changes.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Special K Protein Shake

What's the Point? co-authoress, Julie, really enjoys the Special K protein shakes, so she shared one with me yesterday. She suggested to pop it into the freezer for a frosty cold, almost like a milkshake, treat. I just stuck mine in the fridge overnight, since I decided it would be my breakfast.

Now, what do I think? I think it tastes just like a Slimfast, a ice cold Slimfast. I think it is super chocolaty. I think is is filling. I think for three Weight Watchers points I am buying some. I am just wondering if they have vanilla? Thinks, I mean thanks Julie!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Orville did Good

A whole bag of OR's Smart Pop is just four Weight Watchers points, the bag.
You'll like it better or my name isn't Orville Redenbacher. It's not, just Beth, but the popcorn is good.

Monday, August 9, 2010

April's Monday Weigh In....

Well, I should have just stayed in bed today! Not good people, not good at all. This week has been a blur for me, especially the weekend. I ate out all weekend starting from Friday night and during the week wasn't so good either. I have no control. None. I admit it. So even when I eat out and could make the better choice, I don't. I suck. I know. So the weigh in today is a plus of 4 pounds. 4 pounds!! What a way to start off Monday. Blah......


Friday, August 6, 2010

Black Bean Brownies

Oh my gosh, these are sooooo good! I kid you not, rich, fudgey and oh so chocolaty. I had read about these on the Weight Watchers message boards, so you just know i had to give them a go. They are ridiculously easy to make, three ingredients, well four, if you count the splash of vanilla i added. The recipes floating around the net use water, but any good cook knows that to enhance and enrich the flavor of chocolate, you use coffee, hot or cold. I did and ohhhhh mama. This is such a keeper of a recipe. I dare you to make some for your friends and family then you dare them to guess the secret ingredient. My kids and hubby have gobbled them all day and have no clue there are beans in there. I'm not telling.

Also, those same recipes specify the brownies to be baked in a 9x13 pan and cut into 20 pieces at two Weight Watchers points each. I baked mine in a 9x9 pan cut them into 16 pieces and called them three pointers. Okay enough already 'cause I just know you are jonesing for the recipe. Here ya go, my version of the black bean brownie.

BBBB or Beth's Black Bean Brownies

One can of black beans, rinsed, drained and pureed with the coffee or water listed below
1/2 cup of coffee or water
One box of your favorite brownie mix, Walmart's house brand is our family favorite
splash of vanilla extract

Mix and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 35 minutes. Ahhhhhh, yum.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Skinny Cow for this Big Cow

I just had a date, a fifteen minute date with myself. I got to go to 7-11 all by myself! It was heavenly. I got my Big Gulp of Diet Coke in peace and proceeded to the counter, no, strolling leisurely to the counter, right past the ice cream freezer. I longingly gaze into through the frosty glass and see nothing, no wait, a SKINNY COW ice cream sandwich. I dove for it. OMGosh this thing is good, too good. It is dangerous. There is no way I could ever bring a box of these yummy treats into my home. I have no self control. I gobbled that one down before I left the parking lot. Although, only three points, I felt guilty and left the wrapper in the car to dispose of later. Skinny Cow, a good thing, but not for me. Well, maybe on date night.

Thick or Thin Thursdays

Well it was a thin Thursday, but not as thin as I was hoping. I was down 1.8 pounds. I can do better than this. I know I can. I will keep ya posted.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lessons from a pro

Well, it's been a tough week so far. Last week I was worried tough times were coming. Not sure if I brought them on myself with that kind of thinking or I just have pitifully little in the way of determination. I've been keeping my food journal, staying within range, but I've hopped on the scales a few times (and I know better than to do that), only to see it edge UP! However, while I'm struggling, there's someone in my life that I look to for inspiration. She's my dear cousin, Paula - aka auntpawlie. She is a WW Lifetime Member and has kept her weight off for 15 years!!!! Through the years, there are things that I've noticed she does that help her stay on track. She always has a half of a peanut butter sandwich with her (although now she uses the Sandwich Thins type bread), she's faithful to drinking her water and is truly dedicated to exercise. At family gatherings, she always makes sure to bring dishes that fit into her plan. I know she has tweaked things through the years, both to stay in her goal weight range and probably to "mix it up" some. What hasn't changed is her long term dedication to her health. She has already been a great cheerleader for us on the blog. I'm so proud of her accomplishments, thankful for her advice and lucky to have such a pro close at hand. Oh, and she also mentioned that Chocolate Vita Tops are delicious and only 1 pt each. Are we lucky to have her around or what?

Whoever Said Mashed Cauliflower Tastes Like....

mashed potatoes must have been on drugs or coming off a hunger strike. ICK!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Olive Garden, I think I did okay

I have an elderly aunt that I take to run errands a few times a week. She needs to run to the bank, post office, the hair salon, the store, you know, for that quart of milk and half dozen eggs. Anyway, she loves to eat out and we do, almost every time, somewhere. Well today it was Olive Garden, chosen by my son whom I affectionately referred to as "bread stick boy". When it comes to counting points it is downright scary to eat there, but I think I did okay.

I, of course, started off with a diet Coke. I know I should have drunk water, but I caved. I actually do not like the bread sticks, so that was easy, but I do love that ice cold salad. Sadly, the salad comes in high on the points scale with the fat laden, but yummy, salad dressing. Did you know that OG offers other choices of salad dressings including low fat? I didn't  not until I came home and started cruising the net. This time I just ate a bowl of salad BEFORE tossing, since the dressing lies on the bottom of the bowl. Next time, I will order sans dressing and pick one of the other choices. Okay, now on to the entree, I ordered the chicken spiedini with double grilled veggies. Oh my gosh, this is really good. Basically, it is a skewer of  herb marinated chicken breast served with potatoes and mixed veggies, all grilled. I opted out of the potatoes and they happily doubled the vegetables, which was a combination of yellow and zucchini squash.  I was content and sufficiently stuffed. I want to include a link to a page on Hungry Girl's site regarding Olive Garden. It is very interesting and quite the eye opener. Happy counting!!

Ciao, Beth

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Weigh In

I so dread weigh in day! I can't lie about it..I just dread it. After all that I ate this weekend, let's just say I probably consumed all my weekly points in 3 days. But, I can happily say, that I am with Beth..neither thick or thin. I am the same as I was before I started the low carbing. I can live with that. This is a new week, I had a good looking BS number this morning, although I can honestly say I have no idea where it came a new week. I am back on the wagon. Tomorrow may be a different story, since it is the hubby's b-day and there will be cake. But, for today, I have hope. :)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

"There's Got To Be A Morning After"

I emailed this link titled "After The Binge Is Over" to Beth this evening and she (rightfully so) recommended I post it. This is the only page I've read on Dr. Colby's website, so I don't know what else she has to offer, but I found her helpful in regaining perspective.

Apologies on the post title if any fellow children of the 70's now have visions of the "Poseidon Adventure".



F'd Up Royally

I blew my points big time.....

I ate a regular hot dog, small onions rings and mini strawberry blizzard. I use the words regular, small and mini to make me feel better about myself. It doesn't work. I suck.

The End.