Saturday, July 24, 2010

WW's Raspberry Zinger Cake

This is a good cake, a very good cake. I got the recipe originally off the WW's board, but later found it here. It makes a 9x13 cake which you divide into 16 pieces at 4 points each. Okay, I ate eight points worth immediately. I told you I have no self control and it's good. Jamie ate two, too, so there. It is that good. He said it didn't taste diet to him.  Did I mention that this cake is good?  I gotta admit though, there are few things I would change. First, I would only do one cup of boiling water to the Jello or double the Jello for a stronger raspberry flavor. Also, I would also do a better job poking holes. The Jello needed better cake penetration. Lastly, I would use good ol'Baker's coconut for the top, not the unsweetened flakes I had on hand from my granola making. I did whirl it in the food processor a bit, but it's still not the same. Overall, this is a good cake. Did I mention that already?

I would happily share WW's Raspberry Zinger Cake with my family and friends, afterall, I am now sharing it with you, my friend.



  1. I'm a friend who is like family...does that mean I get two pieces?


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