Friday, August 20, 2010

FAT Friday

I went to Weight Watchers, paid my twelve bucks and gained 1.4 pounds! Oh yay.

I am not going back. I am going to do it both Julie and April's way, on my own. I was hoping paying money and weighing in front of a stranger would motivate me, but I guess not. I just bought a new pair of walking shoes will I was out. I have got to get my butt up and moving, no excuses dang it. Wish me luck.

BTW, the Fiber One Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pop Tarts, not good. I am on the hunt for the fudge.



  1. Well Dang it! At least you are not giving up Beth. That is half the battle. Did the folks at WW try to help you figure out what could be going on? I was very fortunate when I joined to find an awesome leader, but have not been impressed with any of them since then. That makes a big difference. Hopefully, the weather will be cooling up here soon and you can get out and walk. I've been up and out running around 5:30 am just to beat the heat. I'm ready for some cooler weather. GOOD LUCK!

  2. Don't give up, we WILL do this!!!

    Good to know about the cinnamon/brown sugar poptarts!

  3. I am glad you tried the poptarts, I love poptarts and often wondered if those were decent or not.

  4. Hang in there, Bethie!! You can do it!!!! I know those brown sugar Fiber One poptarts aren't like "real" ones. I thought they were o.k. Did you warm them up? I like the fudge ones best.

  5. Hubby eats the Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts. Wish he would try the Fiber One chocolate ones. He won't even think about it since the reactions he has had to the regular Fiber One bars.

    Of course I cannot imagine anything with chocolate tasting bad. :)


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