Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Olive Garden, I think I did okay

I have an elderly aunt that I take to run errands a few times a week. She needs to run to the bank, post office, the hair salon, the store, you know, for that quart of milk and half dozen eggs. Anyway, she loves to eat out and we do, almost every time, somewhere. Well today it was Olive Garden, chosen by my son whom I affectionately referred to as "bread stick boy". When it comes to counting points it is downright scary to eat there, but I think I did okay.

I, of course, started off with a diet Coke. I know I should have drunk water, but I caved. I actually do not like the bread sticks, so that was easy, but I do love that ice cold salad. Sadly, the salad comes in high on the points scale with the fat laden, but yummy, salad dressing. Did you know that OG offers other choices of salad dressings including low fat? I didn't  not until I came home and started cruising the net. This time I just ate a bowl of salad BEFORE tossing, since the dressing lies on the bottom of the bowl. Next time, I will order sans dressing and pick one of the other choices. Okay, now on to the entree, I ordered the chicken spiedini with double grilled veggies. Oh my gosh, this is really good. Basically, it is a skewer of  herb marinated chicken breast served with potatoes and mixed veggies, all grilled. I opted out of the potatoes and they happily doubled the vegetables, which was a combination of yellow and zucchini squash.  I was content and sufficiently stuffed. I want to include a link to a page on Hungry Girl's site regarding Olive Garden. It is very interesting and quite the eye opener. Happy counting!!

Ciao, Beth

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  1. Way to work the Olive Garden menu Beth!! WOO HOO for Beth!!! The low fat version of there salad dressing isn't bad--even hubby will eat it. Just tell them to bring the dressing on the side and all is good. The Apricot Chicken is also very good and points friendly. I will have to try the Chicken Spiedini next time.


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