Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thick or Thin Thursdays

I don't even know why I am even bothering posting this...get ready...stand back...I lost 0.8 pounds! Oh yay. Can't ya just feel the excitement and enthusiasm in the air? I have not even lost three pounds, yet. Oh well...I am determined to stick with it.

Now, to make some more changes.



  1. It is a loss, my friend!!! Be proud!!

  2. Better than not losing any. And it IS just .2 away from 1 solid pound. You go, girl.

  3. You can do it!!! Keep pushing!!!

  4. Way to go Beth. Like TeaLady said, it is 0.2 away from 1 lb. Slow and steady wins the race. Could you not be eating enough points? Are you drinking your water? Are you retaining fluid in this heat? (I always gain a couple lbs in the summer due to this.) Keep up the good work and always keep your body guessing.

  5. Well spoken, ladies. Hey, Beth, I only lost half as much as what you lost last week!!! 0.4! Keep hanging in there...eventually it'll come off!


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