Friday, August 27, 2010

Julie's Weigh-In Friday

Happy Friday!!!!! I am down 0.8 lb today! Woohoo! Despite the tag that we're three girls counting points, I'd like to take this opportunity to come clean. I have not been counting points but calories. When Beth approached me about doing Weight Watchers, I could not afford it (money or time-wise), so I decided to download an app to my phone to track calories, log food and weight. At the start, I was shooting for 1,200 calories a day (with wiggle room on those days I went over) and the scale seemed to hold steady. I was curious if it could be true (or was it just urban myth) that one could eat too few calories and not lose. I have been increasing my calorie intake and have noticed that the numbers are going down a little more quickly. At this point, I plan on adjusting my daily calorie intake downward as the numbers on the scale start to drop. Essentially, just the way they do with decreasing your allowed points in WW. It's fascinating to me how messed up my thinking has been about food. I still wrestle with the idea that if I'm going to lose the weight, I need to deprive myself (feel the burn, as it were). I'm enjoying the process and learning all these new things about how my body works - strange that I've fought with it for so long and know so little about it!! Have a wonderful weekend y'all! And a special "good luck" to Camper Van Bethie!


  1. That's great Julie!!!! Happy Friday!

  2. Congrats!!
    This might help you estimate how many calories you should be getting!! It is important to feed your body so it can take care of you!!!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! We did the survive, but my kids came damn close not making it.


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